Google Uncover Your World

Google is promoting the Google Search iPhone app with “Uncover Your World”, an immersive, mobile ad experience that brings the app to life. The experience invites users to explore the practical and sometimes magical uses of the app, like searching by voice, by photo, and around your current location. As a twist on Google’s tradition of representing its products in the analog world, the entire experience was crafted using 3D printing. Every component of the ad, from the highly detailed city view to the interface and game elements, was modeled, printed, and captured in stop motion and photography.

Google Uncover Your World

Uncover Your World is the first to utilize Admob’s latest platform for rich ads. Inline audio and video, parallaxing, and integration with the accelerometer all bring the experience to life and keep users engaged, with the average time spent on the ad doubling the industry average at more than two minutes.

Google Uncover Your World

Users are invited to explore and see how the world becomes discoverable with the Google Search app. They see real-world uses of the app and the features that are specifically designed for mobile usage. As they explore further, users unlock challenges that test their speed and knowledge of the app’s features.

Design studio Grow Interactive have created a making-of video showing what the experience does and how they built it: from concept to construction to code. Click on the image below to play the Making-Of video.

Though the experience is best demonstrated as an in-app mobile ad, you can also view it directly at on your iPhone browser. The difference between the two is that inline audio and video isn’t available in the browser version.

Uncover Your World Credits

The Uncover Your World campaign was developed at Grow Interactive by creative director Drew Ungvarsky, design director Joe Branton, art director Matt Clack, lead animator/set designer Jason Levesque, assistant director Josh Newton, lead developer Chris Gammon, developer Ricky Williams, developer Daniel Richard, strategist/producer Jarrett Beeler, account director Eric Green

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