Good Return Sponsor 100 Women

Not-for-profit agency Good Return, the microfinance portal for poverty alleviation in the Asia Pacific region, has launched a month long campaign to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. The “100 Women” campaign aims to encourage Australian women to fund small loans, as little as $25, for 100 women in the Asia Pacific so they can start their own business. A television commercial shows Domingas, a woman in East Timor, turning her road-side fruit stall into a permanent market stall with the help of a loan.

Good Return Woman

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Domingas returned to her home country as a refugee form the hostilities between East Timor and Indonesia, as a widower with four children to support, to find her livelihood in her home village had been destroyed by fire. She struggled in the beginning to grow her market stall business. She received little support and no one wanted to lend money to a widower. Even the local money lender didn’t think she would be able to repay a loan. Today, with the support of Moris Rasik, Good Return’s MFI Partner in East Timor, Domingas has repaid over 10 loans. Through Good Return, Domingas has been able to open a second market stall and, with her profits, purchase a small plot of land on which to build a house. Her dream is to provide support for her grandchildren’s education, as she could only afford to send one of her children to school. She now plans to save for a second plot of land to give to her children to live on.

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The “100 Women” campaign was developed by Porter Novelli.

Filming was produced inhouse at Good Return and edited by Josephine Bezzine and Andrew Tieu, students of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.