Go Compare Headless for Halloween

Price comparison site Gocompare.com has launched a special Halloween TV ad featuring a headless Gio Compario. The ‘Ghost Appearance’ ad is set in an Elizabethan manor and features two security guards guarding expensive jewellery. A ghostly looking opera singer Gio appears through the paneled walls with his head tucked under his arm. He is joined by a duo of headless Tudor ladies and backed by a chorus of ghostly voices while Gio dances with a pair of skeletons, the ladies make off with the jewels.

Go Compare Headless Compario Ghost

Nick Hall, Gocompare.com’s head of marketing, said: “This ad was a lot of fun to make and hopefully we can give people a laugh over the Halloween period, with something a bit topical. We have tended to focus on car insurance with Gio but we have a very strong home insurance offer. Now that the dark nights are drawing in, people need to be a bit careful about exactly who may be ‘ghosting’ into their home.” Click on the image below to play the Go Compare Headless video.

Stone Age

Gocompare.com continues to run the “Stone Age” car insurance ad, in which Gio rocks-out with animal skin bikini-clad cave girls, a pterodactyl and a woolly mammoth. Click on the image below to play the Stone Age video.

Go Compare Headless Credits

The Halloween campaign was created by Gocompare.com’s in-house marketing team Si├ón Vickers and Chris Wilkins.

Filming was shot by director Graham Rose with director of photography Mannie Ferreira, executive producer Janette De Villiers, producer Debra Stubbs at Groundglass and executive producer Linda Peryer at Moon Films.

Music for “Stone Age” created by Yellow Boat Music and features American drummer Shay Godwin and lead guitarist Jan Cyrka.

Media buying and planning is handled by MEC.