Flash Light Nuit Blanche in NY

On Saturday, May 7th, Flash:Light transformed Mulberry Street, St Patrick’s Cathedral and the facade of the New Museum into a spectacular nighttime environment of temporary, site-specific public art. An artist-driven antidote to light-based advertising and the capitalization of public space, the event represents a new platform for artists working in light, sound, performance and projection art to present groundbreaking work that re-imagines an iconic New York City neighborhood. Over 5000 people came out for the event.

Nuit Blanche Let Us Make Cake

“Let Us Make Cake” involved asking dozens of artists to interact with scale models of the New Museum ranging in size from 11 inches to 11 feet, embracing the museum as both a canvas and vessel. The resulting footage was 20 minutes in length and was projection-mapped onto the New Museum from 8pm Saturday night until 2am Sunday morning. This is the first time projection has been used to animate the entire 174-foot façade of the New Museum.

Credits for Let Us Make Cake

The Let Us Make Cake project was commissioned by New Museum, and directed by Nuit Blanche New York and Light Harvest Studios. Presenting sponsor was Audemars Piguet. Technical sponsors were The Media Merchants, Materials & Methods, Float 4 Interactive, Bluewhale Studios, 1976 Productions and Eastern Effects.

Participating artists, in order of appearance, were Daniel Arsham, Acconci Studio, Federico Frum, Street Art (Elle, Tony Bones, Michael Alan, Jon Bocksel, Sarah Cooper, James Dyvbig, Aimee Lusty, Ian McGillivray, Scott Myers, Misha Tyutyunik), Read More, Chris Jordan, Ursula Scherrer and Claire Scoville, Z Collective, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Junko Miura, Mary Temple, SOFTlab, Ryan Uzilevsky, Brian O’Connell, Mia Pearlman, Adriana Varella, Dustin Yellin, Chakaia Booker, Olek, Terreform ONE, Jason Krugman / John Parker, Monika Wyndham, Jon Kessler, Light Harvest Studios, Marilyn Minter.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral 3D Projection Mapping

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral 3D Projection Mapping

The 3D Projection Mapping on St. Patrick’s Cathedral explores themes of seasons, time and light.

Credits for St Patricks Cathedral

The Cathedral project was directed by Materials & Methods, with animation by Blue Whale. Technical sponsors were Media Merchants, Materials & Methods, Float 4 Interactive, Bluewhale Studios, 1976 Productions, Eastern Effects.

Photos are by Konstantin Sergeyev.

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