Flaming Lips in Skulls

The Flaming Lips, a US alternative music group, is releasing a collection of their music on hard drives embedded in actual human skulls this Halloween. This follows on from the success of individual tracks released on USBs embedded in edible gummy skulls, provided by Skulls Unlimited in Oklahama City. The group is recording a 24 hour music session, streamed live from midnight on Halloween, and saving it on to a hard drive to be sold on 13 human skulls.

Flaming Lips Skull

The 24 hour song, “7 Skies H3”, takes up 24GB, and is being released on 13 pre-sold skulls. The earlier release of four tracks, in April/May 2011, was made available on USB devices inside $150 gummi brains enclosed in gummi skulls.

Flaming Lips Skull

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