Festis Unbore Anything

Festis, a still drink by Carlsberg, is being associated with entertainment in Unbore Anything, an interactive advertising campaign in Sweden. Swedish consumers are invited to be a Festis, becoming part of making the world a bit more fun using their webcams at unboregrandpa.com, unborerelationships.com and unboremornings.com. Those who succeed in getting a laugh will win a bottle of Festis. The “Unbore” fun approach permeates the whole Festis Unbore Anything campaign, from label designs, flavour names and a series of commercials.

Festis Unbore Grandpa

Grandpa will be live every day between 15-18 the next two weeks. Click on the image below to play the Unbore Grandpa video.

Go to unborerelationships.com and set up a blind date online between friends on facebook. If they hook up, you get a bottle of festis! Click on the image below to play the Unbore Relationships video.

Festis Unbore Anything Credits

The Unbore campaign was developed at Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, by creative director Martin Cedergren, art director Petra Albrektsson, copywriter Joakim Labraaten, designers Oscar Gardö, Karin Mårtensson and Linda McAllister, along with Alex Picha, Ida Tenggren, Jerker Winther, Nicolas Hasselstrom.

The Unbore site was developed at It’s Showtime. Filming was shot by director HappyCamper.