Festis Fun in Sweden cinemas

Carlsberg in 2010 launched Sweden’s first 3D commercial as part of their promotion of Festis, their range of still drinks. With the launch of Alice and Avatar in 3D, Akestam Holst had the challenge of getting Festis into the conversation. Their cinema commercial was designed to use new technology to single out a member of the audience as the most “festis” (the most fun), and award that person with free drinks.

Festis Detector

Click on the image below to play the 20 second video.

Click on the image below to play the case study video.


The Festis 3D campaign was developed at Akestam Holst, Stockholm, by creative director Martin Cedergren, copywriter Joakim Labraaten and art director Petra Albrektsson.

The 3D commercial was produced at Gifford, Stockholm, by Arvid Tappert, Jöns Mellgren, Christian Paulsson. 3D production was done at Rezq and Shoot & Post, Gothenburg.