FC St Pauli Gegenpol

FC St. Pauli, a sports club based in the St. Pauli quarter of Hamburg known for its punk followers, built a supporters box with a difference when the football team was promoted to the Bundesliga, Germany’s top professional football league. With a low budget, and a fan base well known for its non-conformist attitude, it made sense to create the Gegenpol (Counterpole or Anti Box), made of three container boxes placed on a steel scaffold between the north stand and the back straight. Inside was the Spiegelsaal (Mirror hall), a visual homage to the club and district with thousands of newspaper clippings, autographs, posters. A terrace with 26 seats was installed on the outside of the upper container with the best view of the pitch. Each seat had a beer barrel under it and a television screen for replays of crucial scenes. Currywurst sausage was delivered using an electric railway. The Gegenpol won a Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

FC St Pauli Gegenpol

FC St Pauli Gegenpol Pics

FC St Pauli Gegenpol Seats

FC St Pauli Gegenpol Mirror Hall


The Gegenpol concept was designed at Interpol+-, Berlin and Nordpol, Hamburg by creative director Lars Ruehmann, art directors Mark Hoefler and Tim Schierwater, illustrators Marcel Grein, Jan Paepke, Oliver Schock, Sebastian Suess, planners Michael Becker and Mathias Mueller-Using, producers Nadschja Hemieda and Karolin Siller, working with Christian “Beko” Blazevic, Mario Blumhagen Furniture and Joinery Services, Hamburg, Kjeld Meyer at sports branding company Didid, architects Jan Schierwater and Dubravko Hotko, creative support Artemio Tensuan, and Michael Meeske, managing director at FC St. Pauli.

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