Fanta Less Serious Globally

The Coca Cola Company is continuing its Fanta Less Serious theme, launched in 2007, with a global advertising campaign promoting a more healthy formula. The campaign is being rolled out across the world with a flexible approach that allows each market to choose from three focus points, communicating the product’s irresistible taste, the brand’s less serious attitude, or new product news. Each of the marketing components maintain the same overarching theme featuring bubbly animated characters as the catalyst to bring more play and a less serious attitude to life. This strategy will deliver a consistent message on a global scale, while the flexible elements help achieve and maintain local relevance.

Fanta Orange Vision

The campaign continues to build on rich visuals and animation featuring a production quality that approaches the level of artistic detail found in the most sophisticated animated films. The central animated characters each have their own unique personalities to help teens relate on a personal level. For example, the character Tristan is creative and street smart, but also mischievous and sarcastic, while Ginger is sophisticated, fashionable and attractive, but is only interested in people who strive to achieve the most fun out of life.

“Orange Vision” features a new girl Maud. See Turntable, Bounce, and Chase.

Fanta in China the Less Serious campaign has been launched in the form of “9th Class”, online at Ogilvy Shanghai proposed the ‘9th class’ idea as a way to engage students after eight long school lessons, which is the norm in China. Ogilvy transformed the Fanta China website into a wildly creative place where teens are invited to take part in unconventional experiments related to Fanta products, live on the internet. Teens across China will try to solve the first experiment ‘how does an orange squeeze itself?’ together, live and online. By clicking a button on the campaign site, Chinese consumers will see an orange man throwing an orange into a giant bowl. The goal is to make the bottom orange squeeze. By applying their learning in physics and geometry, knowledge and life experiences, Chinese teens are to estimate the magic moment when inner pressure squeezes the orange.

Fanta 9th Class site

Memac Ogilvy in United Arab Emirates organised a FANTAstic, 3D Projection Mapping stunt at Dubai Mall, following on from the Chase theme.


The Less Serious campaign was developed at The Coca-Cola Company by global marketing strategy and creative communications director Jonathan Mildenhall, Fanta global creative director Chris Lydon-Omark, Fanta creative communications manager Kelly Donahue, Fanta global brand management group director Selman Careaga, Fanta global brand management director Bill Gray, Fanta senior global brand manager Mattias Blume.

The Less Serious campaign was produced at Ogilvy New York by executive creative director (digital) Aaron Griffiths, associate creative directors Tristan Kincaid and Della Mathew, senior art director (Orange Vision) Mervyn Rey, art director (Playpile) TJ Walthall, copywriter (Playpile) Parker Sims, executive producer Melanie Baublis, producer Jenna Gartland, planning director Margaret Rimsky, strategic planner Caroline Washington, executive marketing director Fergus Hay, program manager Daniel Langlitz.

The TV campaign was produced at Psyop / Smuggler, by creative directors Marie Hyon, Marco Spier, Gerald Ding, executive producer Lucia Grillo, producers Nathan Jew and Kay Chen, storyboard artist/designer Ben Chan, designers Helen Choi, Kitty Lin, Tae Kim, Sam Ballardini, Stephanie Davidson, JJ Walker, Sean Martin, CG lead Helen Hyung Choi, technical director Zed Bennett, lighting leads Cody Chen and Jeff Chavez, animation leads Jae Ham, Gooshun Wang, Kitty Lin, CG team Michael Shin, Shuchen Lin, Denis Kozyrev, Dan Fine, Soo Hee Han, Oliver Castle, Sylvia Apostol, Juhie Suh, Anderson Ko, Doug Litos, Roman Kobryn, Kevin Phelps, Eban Byrne, Ben Grangereau, George Smaragdis, Kevin Couture, Entae Kim, Andy Hara, Brandi Dimino, Chris Santoianni, Henning Koczy, Vinh Chung, Stanley Ilin, Jordan Harvey, Jesse Holmes, Lee Wolland, Alek Vacura, compositors Manu Gaulot, Jason Conradt, Fred Kim, Borja Pena, Carlos Foxworthy, Seth Ricart, Dave Rasura, Elliot Blanchord, and editor Cass Vanini.

Music was produced at Human Worldwide. Sound was mixed at Sound Lounge.

The 9th class project was developed at Ogilvy & Mather Group, Shanghai, with film produced at sHot One Film Studio, Hong Kong, and web site production at ADTVC production.