Faber Castell Highlights Hindsight

Faber Castell highligher pens are presented as the way to make sure important information is not lost in this advertising campaign from Malaysia. Historical photographs of the Titanic, a Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter plane, a crashed train and a collapsed bridge, are supplemented with messages that could have averted or lessened disaster. “To ensure the safety of all passengers the H.M.S. Titanic will need at least 36 lifeboats”. “There is a signal failure at Central Station. Divert all trains immediately to avoid collision”. “For bridge to withstand extreme forces in tropical typhoons the diameter of support cables must be increased by half an inch”. “Hellcat 30 – landing gear to be thoroughly checked for combat damage before next sortie”.

Faber Castell Titanic

Faber Castell Train

Faber Castell Bridge

Faber Castell Hellcat


The Highights campaign was developed at Y&R Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, by executive creative director/copywriter Steve Hough, copywriter Sathi Anand, art director/illustrator Sean Koh, art director Jamie Toh, typographer Leigh Reyes, photographer David Lok, account supervisor Anastasia Francis, with Faber Castell marketing manager Felicia Teoh.

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