Endangered Wildlife Trust Last Ones Left

Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa ran a print advertising campaign highlighting the fragile state of wild animals in South Africa, the wild dog, riverine rabbit, wattled crane, northern white rhino, and dugong. Photographs of the surviving members of each species are placed together, with white space revealing how stark their plight is. “You are looking at every northern white rhino left on the planet. To save the last 8 visit ewt.org.za”. The campaign won a Silver Press Lion and Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Click on the images below to get the full effect. “We are looking at every wattled crane left in South Africa. To save the last 235 visit ewt.org.za

Every Wattled Crane in South Africa

Endangered Wildlife Trust Northern White Rhino

Endangered Wildlife Trust Wild Dog

You are looking at every wild dog left in South Africa. To save the last 394 visit ewt.org.za

Endangered Wildlife Trust Riverine Rabbit

You are looking at every riverine rabbit left on the planet. To save the last 91 visit ewt.org.za

Endangered Wildlife Trust Dugong

You are looking at every dugong left in African waters. To save the last 153 visit ewt.org.za


The Photographs campaign was developed at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Johannesburg, by chief creative officer John Hunt, creative group head Miguel Nunes, executive creative director Damon Stapleton, creative director Adam Weber, art director/copywriter Lizali Blom, copywriter Jared Osmond, account manager Katiso Maarohanye, account supervisor Bridget Langley, producers Craig Walker, Robert Mckenzie, art buyer Sharon Cvetkovski, photographer Mari Keyter, with images donated from Wildlife Photographers, Image Collections, typographer Lizali Blom. The ads were produced at E-Graphics.

  • susan

    If any one can be of assistance. My little girl, 11, wrote a booklet in Afrikaans on a orphan rhino. The books name is “Wie sal vir Neo help?” As part of her ‘save the rhino project’ she would like to donate specifically to a park or private game lodge that raises orphaned baby rhinos. If anyone can give me an e-mail address or contact person.
    Greetings S