Emirates Building Boeing 777

Emirates Airline is running Building Boeing 777, a television advertising campaign in the United States drawing attention to the airline’s investment in a growing fleet of Boeing 777s. An Emirates employee walks out onto a platform with bottles of water to restock the plane, but there is nothing there. He walks right off the platform and just as he does that in an amazing ballet of technology, a Boeing 777 is built.

Emirates Boeing Waiter Building Boeing 777

Click on the image below to play the Building Boeing 777 video.

Building Boeing 777 Credits

The campaign was developed at StrawberryFrog, New York, by Scott Goodson, Kevin McKeon and Jason Koxvold.

Filming was shot by director Lieven Van Baelen via Czar, Brussels.

Editing was done at Final Cut, New York.

Music was done by Arm New York.

Post production and effects were produced at Nozon.