Ecomobile Our Impact

Between now and 2015 Quebec is taking steps to reduce consumption of gasoline products by 2 million tons of oil equivalent (TOE), equal to the annual consumption of 1.7 million light vehicles. That goal is being supported with the launch of Ecomobile, an interactive online city hosted by AEE (Agence de l’efficacité énergé tique). Presented in French and English, the site features a city made of paper and LED lights, run on stop motion, motion design, electronic impulses and Flash. Visitors can explore the Ecomobile city to find tips on energy saving on city roads through a wide range of stop motion videos.

Ecomobile City site

Click on the image below to play the Ecomobile video.

Ecomobile Credits

The Ecomobile campaign was developed at Bos Montréal, by creative Frédéric Bruniquel, strategist/project manager Katéri McDonald, strategists Claude Larin and Thomas Gobeil, project manager Fanny Eliaers.

Filming was shot by director/post producer/motion designer Thibaut Duverneix via Departement, with model creators Mathieu Léger and Amandine Daviet, executive producer Sach Baylin Stern, director of photography Ian McMillan, electronic controllers designer/assembler Elie Zananiri.

Music and sound design were produced at XS la petite boîte à musique.