Earth Hour Moths

WWF is promoting Earth Hour in Australia, the home of the original event, with “Moths”, a humorous television commercial. The Earth Hour Moths TV ad shows three farmers who discover how important it is not to have the only light left in Australia. Andy DiLillo, executive creative director at Leo Burnett, Sydney, talks about the thinking behind the ad. “Moths is a comical story that demonstrates why you don’t want to be the only Australian left on Earth Hour night who doesn’t turn off their lights. This year we choose to move away from the big emotive spots of years gone past and simply remind people what Earth hour is about. “Of course no moths were harmed, although they arrived in great numbers to admire the brightly lit film set in our remote Australian location, showing their support and proving some truth to the idea.”

Earth Hour Moths ad

Click on the image below to play the Earth Hour Moths video.

Earth Hour Moths Credits

The Moths ad was developed at Leo Burnett, Sydney, by executive creative director Andy DiLallo, copywriter Mike Felix, art director Matt Swinburne, agency producer Rita Gagliardi, group business director Paul Everson, business director Claire Kesby-Smith, business executive Laura Glendinning.

Filming was shot by director Dave Klaiber via Plaza Films, Sydney, with producer Susannah DiLallo and director of photography Daniel Ardilley.

Editor was Danny Tait. Post production was done at Cutting Edge, Sydney.

Sound and music were designed and composed at Song Zu, Sydney.