Eagle Awards Defending Ideas

The Eagle Awards, a print advertising award show run by Independent Newspapers in South Africa, called for entries this year with an advertising campaign focusing on the defensive arts. A print advertising campaign, featuring the 6-Luv Sniper Rifle, KUK-1 Research Panzer Tank and UM-17 Doubt Grenade, reveal what creatives are up against. The site, theeagleawards.co.za, features an armoury of defensive weapons and provides an interactive engagement with colleagues through an “Idea Invaders” game.

Eagle Awards UM-17 Doubt Grenade

Eagle Awards 6-Luv Sniper Rifle

Eagle Awards KUK-1 Research Panzer Tank

The Defensive Armoury includes Price Flash Resistant Goggles, Last Minute Knee Pad Grovel Kneepads, Feedback Cancelling Earphones, Anti-Retreat Boots, Brand Immersion Oxygen Mask, Focus Group Crotch Protector, Anti-Backstab Protector, Multi-Client-Revert Riot Shield.

Eagle Awards Defensive Armoury

Eagle Awards Defensive Armoury

Eagle Awards Ideas Invaders

“Every day more and more ideas are killed. There are millions of ways to kill them. Some die horribly in the creative director’s cubicle. Some are shot down from a great distance by an anonymous brand manager in a head office in Helsinki. Some get mauled and crushed by research. Some are even garroted on the sly by your team mates. But there are some ideas that just won’t die. That cannot be killed even though they are attacked from every angle. Ideas that are defended to the last man, woman and strategist. Ideas that emerge unscathed and unviolated from the carnage. This award is for those ideas.”

Eagle Awards Defend Defend Defend


The Eagle Awards Defending Ideas campaign was developed at King James, Cape Town, by executive creative director Alistair King, creative director Devin Kennedy, art director Cameron Watson, creative director/copywriter Mike Wilson, agency producer Sam Wentzel and illustrator Pete Harrison.