Don’t Hate on Kate

London street artist Stika has painted a mural in Shoreditch, “Don’t Hate on Kate”, in honour of the upcoming royal wedding. This particular mural was in response to the negative press around the upcoming Royal wedding on the 29th April. Channel 4 are airing a documentary called “Meet the Middletons”, exposing the working class family roots behind the future Queen of England. This mural sends out a strong message to Kate that despite some unfavourable publicity, the general public supports her as the new people’s princess.

Don't Hate on Kate mural

Don't Hate on Kate mural

Don't Hate on Kate mural

Click on the image below to play the making-of video in YouTube


The Don’t Hate on Kate mural was designed by Stika, an artist working as creative director at Monorex, London.

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