Discovery Channel Refresh

Troika Design Group teamed up with Discovery Channel to refresh the network’s brand communication and identity. The comprehensive package, which includes image spots, show promos, navigational tools and upfront sales tapes, hit air with the launch of Deadliest Catch on April 12th. With an unprecedented amount of new show launches, Discovery Channel looked to refocus their well-established brand by connecting viewers directly to the talent, letting the talent take them on an energetic and immersive journey into the personality of the network and its shows. In doing so, Discovery established a bright, fun and optimistic identity that truly reflects the character of its talent and programming. All refreshed elements were created with the goal of tightening the network’s identity to create a common vision across all promotion, from blue chip special launches to weekly episodic promos.

Discovery Channel Relaunch

To visually express the network’s brand values, Troika Design Group built an identity around the immersive world of Discovery Channel’s programming and talent. Two live-action shoots were conducted to capture icons that represent the talent’s world – fire extinguishers for Mythbusters, cockroaches for Dirty Jobs – and signature elements were developed with heavily graphic, documentary-style animations featuring rack focuses, grain and dust particles. Fast-paced editorial cuts and upbeat music were incorporated into image spots, network IDs and promos and to lend a sense of fun and energy to the spots.

Troika was also tapped to conceptualize, write, design, animate and edit multiple sales tapes for Discovery Channel’s upfront presentations. Each tape was specifically developed to take advantage of the network’s custom three-screen setup, showcase the network’s new brand identity, and incorporate relevant sales information for prospective advertisers. The goal was to present a reinvigorated and consistent Discovery brand.

Click on the image below to play one of the new Discovery Channel idents.

Discovery Channel Refresh Credits

The Refresh campaign was developed at Troika Design Group, Los Angeles, by executive creative director Dan Pappalardo, executive producer Holly Eddy, creative directors Reid Thompson and Whit Friese, art director Heather Kim, producers Scott Tinter and Joan Zierler, associate producer Trevor Steadman, senior animators Mark McConnell and Cory Strassburger, animators Chad Bonnono, Orlando Costa, Eric Del Greco, Brad Mitchell, Anthony Hahn, Gary Hubert, Don Phillips Jr. and Greg Reynard, designers Simrit Bar, Camille Chu, Juan Declan, Daniel Garcia, Nathaniel Howe, Earl Jenshus, Marc Juon, Seton Kim, Vanessa Koch, Stan Lim, Maziar Majd, Jyoteen Majmudar, Pamela Olecki, Mindy Park, Marcello Petrella and Mike Tello, editors Adam Bluming, Hans Carrillo, Chip Eddy, Patrick Fogarty and Fred Foquet, writers John Convey, Tom Pace and Charles Short, production coordinators Chet Patel and Eric Zapakin, design assistants Michael Arcangeli and Hyejung Bae, edit assistant Jeff Hayford, design interns Tim Cheng and June Sim.

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