DirecTV Frozen Moments

DirecTV has launched two new commercials in the Frozen Moments campaign, supplementing the “Ice Cream” and “Steel Cage” ads of 2010 with “Love Match” and “Hothouse”. The campaign, designed to promote the Whole Home experience, shows viewers using their remote controls to stop live action in one room, before moving through to complete the action on the screen in their lounges. In “Hothouse” a fireman’s daring rescue of a boy caught in a house fire is paused twice, in the bedroom, in the floor below and finally in the viewing lounge. In “Love Match” a period-piece romping scene is put on hold, while moving from the bedroom, to kitchen bench and lounge.
DirecTV Frozen Moments Hot House

Click on the image below to play the Hot House video.

Click on the image below to play the Hot House making-of video.

Click on the image below to play the Love Match video.

DirecTV Frozen Moments Credits

The Frozen Moments campaign was developed at Grey New York by senior director advertising Pamela Duckworth, chief creative officer Tor Myhren, executive creative director Todd Tilford, creative director Denise O’Bleness, creative director/art director Luis Romero, agency executive producer Andrew Chinich, agency assistant producer Lindsay Myers, agency music producers Josh Rabinowitz, Lee Brooks, and Ryan Duda, account managers Beth Culley, Dustin Newman, casting manager Jerry Saviola, business manager Diane Wolfe.

Filming was shot by director “”>Noam Murro via Biscuit, Los Angeles, with executive producers Colleen O’Donnell and Shawn Lacy, line producer Jay Veal, and director of photography Simon Duggan.

Visual effects were produced at The Moving Picture Company (MPC), Los Angeles, by VFX supervisors Franck Lambertz and Michael Wynd, Flame lead Franck Lambert, nuke artists Brinton Jaecks, Brendan Smith, Elliott Brennan, Katerina Arroyo, matte painter Ben Persons, smoke artist Ben Davidson, 3D lead Michael Wynd, 3D artists John Cherniack, Ross Denner and Jessie Amadio.

Editor was Haines Hall at Spot Welders, Los Angeles.

Music was composed by Robert Miller. Sound for “Hot House” was designed by Kim Christensen at Ear to Ear. Sound was mixed by Eric Ryan at 740 Sound Design.