Dalton Recycled Calendar

Dalton, the Australian paper and distribution company, celebrated its environmental credibility this year with a recycled calendar, using images from eBay. Perth agency Block developed the direct marketing campaign by purchasing 25 calendars whose dates marry the dates of 2011 on eBay. Twelve images were selected to create one old-yet-new calendar promoting Dalton’s ‘Revive’ recycled paper range.

Dalton Calendar November

Dalton Calendar October

Dalton Calendar May

Dalton Calendar Inside Cover

Dalton Calendar Cover

“The beauty of our recycling theme is that the calendar shows how design trends, typefaces, genres and printing techniques have changed over time – all the tiny details that designers and printers are obsessed with,” says Melita Masters, copywriter at Block.

Block selected 12 images from calendars dating from 1921 to 1983, and each image is accompanied by its eBay description: ‘a great item for chicken collectors’, ‘worm or insect ate hole near top right corner’ and ‘does have a slight musty smell’. January reveals a pilgim’s calendar from 1921. February’s pin-up girl comes form the cover of a 1949 gentleman’s magazine. August shows Charles and Diana. September stars a pair of cocker spaniels.


The What’s Old is New Again calendar was developed at Block, Perth, by creative director Mark Braddock, creatives Melita Masters, Daniela Varone, Ben Wright, art worker Ian McCulloch, account director Renka Harris, production manager Candice Murison. Printing was done at GEON, Perth. Photography is by Tony Nathan.

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