Curtin University Make Tomorrow Better

Curtin University in Western Australia has launched “Make Tomorrow Better”, an integrated brand campaign aimed at prospective students, employers and business partners. The campaign is centred around a series of television commercials featuring bright (literally) minds, along with a dedicated website, Facebook page, Twitter account, online advertising and out of home. Curtin’s highly awarded undergraduate recruitment project, The Box, has also been strengthened further and continues under the separate badge of ‘Studentbox’.

Curtin University Make Tomorrow Better

The Brightest Minds ads, shot by Plaza Films director Sam Bennetts, depict a different world in which everyone’s head is replaced by light bulbs, demonstrating that Curtin people have bright minds and are a little more switched on. Bennetts shot the campaign at fifteen different locations using custom-made LED light helmets that could be transformed by 3D animation in post production.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Make Tomorrow Better campaign was developed at The Brand Agency, Perth, by executive creative director/copywriter/art director Garry Horner, copywriter James Wills, agency producer Ian Ford, head of strategy Paul Yole and account director Morgen Lewis, working with Curtin director of marketing Karen Carriero (Kcee).

The Brand Agency’s business director, Morgen Lewis said: “We wanted to show that innovation is more than just bright ideas. It is about turning ideas into reality. Our research showed that employers like the way Curtin graduates can hit the deck running so we decided the campaign should show how Curtin’s point of difference is their people, who can achieve better results by putting their bright minds to work with industry. Make Tomorrow Better is a call to arms from Curtin for anybody who wants to make a difference by applying their bright minds to solve real problems.”

Filming was shot by Sam Bennetts via Plaza Films, Sydney, with producer Edwina Speakman. Post production was done at Fin Design.

Sound and music were produced Richard Pike and Nylon Studios, Sydney.