Cosmopolitan Digital Experience

Digital Kitchen has won the Grand Prix for Design at Cannes International Festival of Creativity, for the Cosmopolitan Digital Experience, following on from the One Show Gold Pencil earlier this year. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, opened on New Year’s Eve, 2010, setting out to build a platform for fresh and provocative content that sits at the intersection of art and technology. Throughout the resort are multiple points for customers to experience digital artwork including more than 500 displays of different shapes, sizes and resolutions built into the architecture.

Cosmopolitan Digital Bulbs

The Current concept combines a classic turn of the century artifact with a modern aesthetic. Slowly swaying Edison bulbs illuminate the space with the warm glow of yesteryear, attracting travelers and inspiring new perspectives.

Cosmopolitan Digital Bulbs

The Navigation piece represents the twists and unexpected turns a guest may encounter during a stay at The Cosmopolitan. The black ferro fluid surrounds the compass in a mischievous beauty that only The Cosmopolitan can provide.

Cosmopolitan Digital Bulbs

This Seduction piece teases the guest with the illusion of space and beauty. The human and animal forms roam the columns and eventually melt away into the architecture, leaving plenty left to the imagination.

Cosmopolitan Digital Seduction

The Voyage experience leaves every guest with a story worth telling. The glowing bookshelf represents the master collection of every unique and engaging guest experience.

Cosmopolitan Digital Books

The Discovery experience explores a new notion of luxury, a new type of guest and new species of plant-life. These never-before-seen specimens have been cataloged, classified and put on display for each guest to discover.

Pathways is an evolving wallpaper blurring the line between interior design, graphic arts and animation. A bold and striking pattern of intersecting lines represents the many pathways a guest’s journey can take at The Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan Digital Lobby

Digital Kitchen approached the portals as digital canvases and the entire resort as a curated art gallery. The creative team invented a narrative showcase incorporating elegant, fantastical, and often poetic interpretations of life travels in an enlightened, lucid dream, blurring the lines of past present and future into one classic-timeless visual style. The narrative spoke directly to the hotel’s target audience, the Creative Class, 59 million Americans who are open minded and enjoy adventure. Each story within the narrative tied together evolved throughout the day and had the flexibility to be tailored for special events such as New Years and Chinese New Year. See more on the Digital Experience at Digital Kitchen.


The Marque content was developed at Digital Kitchen by Head of Creative Mark Bashore, executive creative director Anthony Vitagliano, Creative Director Chad Ashley, creatives Elliot Lim, Nathaniel Costa, Chad Ashley, Todd Kumpf, Jeremy Stuart and John Roden, writer Tony Pawela, editor Mike Alfini, executive producer Jeff Brecker, senior producer / HOP Colin Davis, and producer Brian Behling.

The Cosmopolitan Digital Experience 2010 Lobby Content was developed at Digital Kitchen by head of creative Mark Bashore, executive creative director Anthony Vitagliano, creative directors Anthony Vitagliano (Seduction, Ferro Fluid), Chad Ashley (Ferro Fluid, Lightbulbs, Bookshelf, Organic) and Jeremy Stuart (Wallpaper, Bookshelf), creatives Jeremy Stuart, Nathaniel Costa, Dan Dixon, Limbert Fabian, Todd Kumpf, Jeremy Rumas, Aaron Kemnitzer, Dariush Derakshani, Anthony Chappina, Jeff Weidner, Ken Huling, Erin McGuire, Nader Husseini, Dustin d’Arnault, Christopher Vela, Kyle Craig, Arpine Aleksanyan, Kyle McCauley, John Rogalski, Mike Roy, Bryan Bayley, Randal Smith, Doug Hogan, Joe Censoplano, Randall Smith, Joseph P. Johnston, Jimm Pegan, Patrick Gray, Jerry Weil, Nick Poznick, Michael Zollinger, Scott McCullough, Brandon Stoker, Christian Smith, James Yayorksy, Nathan Smithson, John Carey, Douglas Bell, James Direen, Steve Eger, Dan Ostrov, Brandon Harris, Mark Thielen, John Anderholm, Kevin MacPhail, Brandon Stoker, Caroline Muir, Hollan Holmes, writer Tony Pawela, editors Mike Alfini, Anthony Vitagliano, Peter Tarter, Director of photography Martin Algrhen, editorial assistant Phil McLaughlin, John McStrayvick, technology engineer Frank Salazar, master control Mason Haynes, Matt Pittman, Michael Adrianm, executive producer Jeff Brecker, senior producer / HOP Colin Davis, producers Colin Davis, Brian Behling, Dan Bryant, Kurt Kirchner, Matt Thunell, Paul Winze, production manager Ellen Golub, production coordinators Austin Presley, Taylor Lee Williams, Derek Johnson and Meghan Cole.

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