Corbis Smart Happens with Mass Intelligence

Corbis Images has released a new creative research report anticipating the emerging cultural trends that will drive image usage. “Mass Intelligence” highlights our increasing quest for knowledge in a world where science and information hold the key to a brighter future. To accompany its periodical report, Corbis has released a selection of nearly 1,500 images on that illustrate how a greater emphasis on intelligence is changing the world around us. The Mass Intelligence report is available on Smart Happens, a minisite created to showcase photography in a new way, pulling in real world examples of how the world is collectively more intelligent. The site invites visitors to win prizes by contributing their own photographs of objects that make their lives smarter.

Smart Happens Blackboard

Smart Happens Blackboard

Smart Happens Robot

Smart Happens Science Award

Smart Happens Wings

Smart Happens Spelling Bee

Corbis reveals a collective longing for rational solutions to the world’s problems and how it is manifested through increased education and technological advances as well as a shift in management style, working practices and policy making.

“Our report shows that today we’re beginning to recognise the need for a more pragmatic and rational approach to the future,” says Mark Retzer, Senior Director, Creative Research at Corbis. “We’re infusing intelligence into every aspect of our lives, from the cars we drive to the food we eat. We’re looking for answers and adapting to a new way of thinking and working that requires new skill sets and levels of expertise. ‘Geek chic’ is flourishing, whether it’s viewed as a style, movement or cultural shift. Evidence of this fascination is all around us — from the pages of fashion magazines to big box-office movies and bestseller lists and this is captured in the new selection of images we are making available.”

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