Converse Canvas Experiment

Converse ran The Converse Canvas Experiment, a digital, retail and artistic fusion experiment featuring a giant screen made of 500 Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. A series of thirty second films demonstrate user interaction with the full canvas, 20 shoes high by 24 shoes wide. Made up of 20 modules, each shoe is mounted on a servomotor and can rotate 180 degrees. One side of each shoe is red, the other blue, while the fronts are white. As it’s effectively a low-resolution screen, users can physically render any image on the Canvas, as well as animations, video games, films, and music equaliser graphics. By linking the Canvas to a webcam, users can see their silhouette recreated in sneakers. The campaign won a Silver Design Lion, a Silver Promo Lion and a Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2011.

The Converse Canvas Experiment

Converse Canvas Experiment Motion Detection

Click on the image below to play the Mitch The Drummer video.

Click on the image below to play the Video Game video.

Click on the image below to play the Bjorn’s Guitar video.

Click on the image below to play the Sneaker Mirror video.

Converse commissioned three artists to create a series of bespoke pieces. German collective, Mentalgassi, devised an abstract interpretation of a flag using photography, graphic structures, different layers and colours. Dutch artist, Diederik Kraaijeveld, created a one-of-a-kind Chuck Taylor All Stars portrait using wood flooring salvaged from a basketball court. French artist Olivia Fremineau celebrated independence of spirit with a unique fusion of photography and art installation. Artist activity culminated in a Converse pop-up party in Paris in June 2011, as all three artworks were brought together for the first time. French indie rockers, The Dodoz, plugged into the Canvas itself, working all 480 shoes as sound equalizers.

Click on the image below to play the Mentalgassi video.

Diederick Kraaijeveld salvages old and abandoned wood and turns it in to something new. When he found an abandoned basketball court in Detroit , all he wanted to do was make a classic. Click on the image below to play the Diederick Kraaijeveld video.

Olivia invites you in to the world of her imagination, as she plays with the idea of the female spirit. Look, and look within.. Click on the image below to play the Olivia Fremineau video.

Two Canvas window installations were placed in flagship Converse retailers, Courier in Paris and the Converse Store in Berlin, interacting with the movements of passersby. Parts of the Canvas were placed in retail outlets in Barcelona, Madrid and Milan. The full Canvas was sent to the UK to celebrate retailer Schuh’s 30th Birthday.

Converse Canvas Experiment Berlin
Converse Canvas Experiment Milan

Click on the image below to play the Case Film.

Converse Canvas Experiment Credits

The Canvas Experiment was developed at Perfect Fools, Amsterdam and Stockholm, by executive creative directors Tony Högqvist and Mark Chalmers, copywriter Patrick Gardner, art director Niklas Karlsson, film director Karl Nord, director of photography Oskar Lundgren, motion designer Martin Hammarberg, photographer Alexander Radsby, technical director Björn Kummeneje, developers Mattias Hallqvist and Mikael Lundmark, executive producer Fredrik Heghammar, planner Michael Aneto, producers Patrik Sundberg and Markus Björk, account directors James Goode and Patrick Gardner, working with Converse EMEA digital marketing manager Francesco Sala.

Installation production was done at Checkland Kindleysides.

Converse Canvas Experiment Wall
Converse Canvas Experiment Shoes
Converse Canvas Experiment Designers
Converse Canvas Experiment Motion Detection