Comparis Onion Ring

Comparis, an online production comparison service in Switzerland, is running “Onion Ring”, a television commercial aimed at people buying new motor vehicles. A new car owner looks forward to the joy of driving his new Volkswagen SUV only to be brought back to the reality by the onion-ring-munching cross-dressing guy in the back seat. “Does your car insurance still match your car? Time to change.” See the Comparis Onion Ring commercial below.

Comparis Onion Ring

Click on the image below to play the Comparis Onion Ring video.

Comparis Onion Ring Credits

The Onion Ring ad was developed at Walker, Zürich, by creative director Pius Walker, art director/copywriter Golf Nuntawat Chaipornkaew, account directors Cornelia Nünlist and Lisa Binkert.

Filming was shot by director Steve Miller via Radical Media with director of photography Bryan Newman and producer Ben Schneider. Editor was Dan Maloney at Spot Welders.