Comparethemarket Simples Rewards

UK price comparison site has launched the latest in a series of TV adverts promoting its Simples Rewards Scheme. The scheme, which offers customers a free exclusive meerkat toy based on characters from its popular ad campaign, has been extended to include motorbike and life insurance. Previously the scheme allowed all customers who bought pet, van, home or car insurance through to claim a meerkat toy. Now that the scheme has been extended, customers who buy motorbike and life insurance will also be eligible, allowing more people to get their hands on the popular toys. The Simples Rewards toys are not available for sale and the only way consumers can receive one is by purchasing qualifying insurance via

Compare the Market Simples Rewards Toys

The new Simples Rewards advert features Aleksandr and Sergei travelling 30,000ft in the air to find cabin crew member Susie Dixon. They are there to deliver a toy as a reward for buying home insurance from and knowing the difference between meerkat and market. In the advert Aleksandr successfully delivers a meerkat toy, while Sergei unsuccessfully tries to get his ears to pop! Click on the image below to play the video.

Click on the image below to play the July Simples video.

Meerkovo and Simples Rewards

Meerkovo, a small village based just outside of Moscow, is the home of best-selling author and founder of Aleksandr Orlov. Meerkovo is going through troubled times because people in the UK keep confusing with when looking for cheap deals on insurance. This is clogging up the meerkat comparison site, so to try and solve this confusion Aleksandr asked Sergei, his trusty IT assistant, to build to provide fans with the opportunity to see Aleksandr’s home village. Now Aleksandr has launched Simples Rewards, a scheme to reward people who know the difference between meerkat and market.

Compare the Market Toys

From 4th July, the meerkats of Meerkovo have been giving everyone who buys car, van, pet and home insurance through the chance to claim a free meerkat toy at From 6th October, customers who buy motorbike and life insurance will now also be eligible to claim a toy. The range of six toys comprise: Aleksandr; Sergei; Vassily, the pub rocker; Maiya the school mistress; Bogdan, the meerpup; and Yakov, the toymaker.

Compare the Market Toys

Simples Rewards Credits

The Compare the Meerkat Simples Rewards campaign was developed at VCCP, London, by creative directors Steve Vranakis and Darren Bailes, copywriters Rich Connell and Matt Lloyd, art director Clem Woodward, agency producers Olly Claverley and Carly Parris.

Filming was shot by director Darren Walsh via Passion Pictures with director of photography Olivier Cariou and editor Jamie Foord.

Audio post-production was done at Wave Studios.