Compare the Meerkat in Meerkovo founder Aleksandr Orlov has taken his advertising campaign for Compare The Market to Meerkovo, a fictional village in Russia inhabited by meerkats. His documentary-style campaign explores the suffering of Meerkovo villagers as people in the UK continue to confuse his site with when looking for car insurance quotes. The campaign is online on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and

Since his introduction to audiences in January 2009 Aleksandr Orlov has amassed a phenomenal following, with over 750,000 fans on Facebook and over 40,000 followers on Twitter. With the launch of the new series of adverts, Aleksandr fans will have the chance to get to know a whole new collection of meerkats throughout 2011.

Click on the image below to play the December 2010 trailer in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the first episode in YouTube

Aleksandr introduces meerkat fans to two new villagers, Igor and Grigor, residents of the Silver Tail residential home. Click on the image below to play the Retirement home video.


The Compare the Meerkat campaign was developed at VCCP, London, by creative directors Steve Vranakis and Darren Bailes, copywriters Rich Connell and Matt Lloyd, art director Clem Woodward, agency producers Olly Claverley and Carly Parris.

Filming was shot by director Darren Walsh via Passion Pictures with director of photography Olivier Cariou and editor Jamie Foord.

Audio post-production was done at Wave Studios.