Come out and Play Snowboarding Tortoise

Actimel, the “active milk”, has launched a new advertising campaign featuring Toby the snowboarding tortoise. After spending much of his life being put into hibernation every winter, Toby has decided that this year he’s going to take a break and enjoy all the winter excitement he’s been missing! Toby embarks on a jetset whirlwind tour of winter activities from flying down the luge to soaring through the air on a snowboard, and of course making time for some apr├Ęs-ski outdoor hot-tubbing! With this new found love for the Winter, Toby really proves that we should all come out and play this winter! See more on Actimel’s UK site, Facebook page and Twitter channel.

Actimel Snowboarding Tortoise

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Come Out and Play campaign was developed at RKCR/Y&R, London. The Tortoise ad was developed at 20:20, London.

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