Comcast Moving Rooms

Comcast is promoting the new XFINITY screen experience with “Moving Rooms”, a commercial in which a couple moves seamlessly from room to room watching TV in a fully rotational, 360-degree house. With XFINITY, you can watch your shows in any room you want with AnyRoom DVR and AnyRoom On Demand.

Comcast Moving Room

Click on the image below to play the Comcast Moving Rooms video.

Behind the Scenes

Led by VFX Supervisor Jim Radford, the majority of the work for MPC focused on the complex composites needed to create an illusion of a seemingly plausible rotational house. To help create this, a house was built on a rig that rotated 360-degress, with a motion control camera capturing the various passes needed to composite the spot together. The team then had to camera track the backplates so to composite the exterior windows and television screens, while also cleaning up any extraneous rigs or cables that appeared in the shot. The team then smoothed out the camera moves and retimed the speed of footage, and added subtle lighting effects for the finished result.

Comcast Moving Rooms Credits

The Moving Rooms campaign was developed at The Martin Agency by creatives Adam Stockton, Wade Alger, Jon Willard, Nancy Hannon, and agency producers Shelley Eisner and Tania Staykova.

Director was Tim Hope via Passion Pictures with director of photography Dan Landin, and producer Russell McLean.

Editor was Paul Hardcastle at Trim Editing.

Post production was done at MPC (The Moving Picture Company) by producer Josh King, VFX supervisor Jim Radford, VFX team Rob Walker, Bruno Fukumothi, Sterling Archibald, James Adamson, Bruno Fukumothi, Matthew Unwin, Byron Woofinden, Christopher Fraser, James Sprattling, Mikael Pettersson, Yousuke Matsuno, Neil Griffiths, and colorist Paul Harrison.