Cockburn’s Port Pronounce Responsibly

Cockburn’s Port, a British wine brand, is making an advertising comeback in the UK with “Pronounce Responsibly”, a poster campaign playing on the common mispronunciation of the name Cockburn’s. Each poster covers up the letters ‘CK’ in Cockburn’s using pixelation, a strategically placed rip or a port glass. ‘Pronounce Responsibly’ is a light-hearted, seasonal campaign that has echoes of classic Cockburn’s TV advertising from the 1970s and 1980s. The posters remind consumers that Cockburn’s Port is an indispensable part of Christmas gatherings of friends and family.

Cockburn's Port billboard

Cockburn's Port Pixel billboard on Clapham Tower
Cockburn's Port Glass billboard

The advertising is part of an overall brand revitalisation programme, which has included improvements to the quality of the wine, and a new slender, rounded shoulder bottle design that is reminiscent of its classic 70s shape, created by London based agency Bloom.

Click on the image below to play the Mosscock video.

Pronounce Responsibly Credits

The Pronounce Responsibly campaign was developed at BETC London by creatives Neil Dawson, Clive Pickering, Jonathan Plackett, typographer Louise Sloper and photographer Paul King.

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