Coca Cola Names Bottles and Cans

Coca-Cola is putting people’s names on its bottles and cans in Australia as part of its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in the run-up to Christmas. 150 popular names, from Aarav to Zoe, have been printed on bottles and cans to be sold at retail outlets. Shoppers can get their names printed on a can of Coke for free at one of 18 Westfield Shopping Centres over October and November. Mobile phone users are able to use an SMS to get their names projected on Coca Cola billboards at locations such as Kings Cross, Sydney. Each of the 150 preselected names has an individually composed song available on the Coke Facebook page The campaign includes three television commercials featuring the names of Matt, Luke and Kate.

Share A Coke With Adrian

“We are using the power of the first name in a playful and social way to remind people of those in their lives they may have lost touch with or have yet to connect with,” said Lucie Austin, marketing director, Coca-cola South Pacific. “We’ve put names on Coca-Cola bottles so consumers will have fun finding their friends’ and family members’ names and then enjoy sharing a Coke together.”


The Coca Cola Name campaign was developed at Ogilvy Sydney and Naked Communications, with digital/social media handled by Wunderman, media handled by IKON. Point of sale work was done at Fuel. Activations were handled by Urban. Promotions were by Momentum. PR was by One Green Bean.

  • Mary-Anne Peterson

    I think the name Lois would be a good idea because it I quite popular and I know quite a lot of Lois’s.

  • Jayden Dorman

    I think the name Jayden or Lois would be a quite good idea? Especially the name Lois because it is very very popular!

  • Molly batt

    I think that the name Molly is popular so that would be quite I good idea?

  • Sam

    hi could you do abby and keenen please

  • susan

    hi could you do the names cade and henson my 2 grandsons names

  • Uzzie (Molly’s mom)

    Molly please! There are so many girls called Molly in Sheffield!!

  • daisy

    could you do the name daisy plz i really want one with my name on everyone i know had found one with there name on

  • sadie ann

    hi my name is Sadie can you do a bottle with Sadie on in the uk

  • sadie ann

    and one called ellie for my sister!!!

  • Glen Singleton

    Could you put the name Glen on bottles because it is very popular in Ireland,Scotland and Wales thanks

  • Kelly

    I’m trying to find Ellie

  • stacey

    hi my husband (joseph) and I (Stacey) both have a bottle with our name on and I also have one with my ate grandfathers name on it (dave) I was wondering if I paid for it cud u do me three labels please one with Tulsa (my eldest daughter) one with tayah (my baby and one with libda (my mum) thank u xx

    • jordan


  • jackie creed

    my daughter is called Robyn and is gutted she cant find her name

  • Stevie

    I think that my name stevie would be a good idea for a coke bottle I haven’t ever seen it on anything but it’s rather popular now

  • Millie

    Do they have a Millie coke

  • Christine

    Can you use the name riah please

  • ffion

    Can u do the name Ffion in the UK, as its a very popular name, especially in Wales.

  • sam

    can u do the name keith for my son and my father in law

  • Taylor

    Please can you do the name Taylor in Yate,Bristol, ENGLAND.

  • Taylor

    Also could you do the name Debbie or Debs in Bristol, England

  • Erin

    please can you do the name Erin in England

  • melody rex



  • denise elks

    Its my sons birthday and i would love to supprise him with his name on a bottle of coke. He always moans that he can never get anything with is name on, please please help xxx

    • denise

      Looking for the name chad xx

  • Vuyi

    Please write my name too#Penny# plus is a popular name too..please please I beg you

  • kirsten

    hi could you do kirsten please

  • please put my name on n bottle of coca… Cenite 🙂 ….. PLEASE

  • inah-e

    Can u pls do the names of inah-e , prince , mathapelo thnx

  • My name is Trenton do you have it on your coke cans.

  • I would like to perspnalise my name with coke

  • Bobbie Johnson

    please enter the Paige, Kameron and Atrevius on the Coke Cole Bottle of Abita Springs, LA

  • Please put Madison on a coca-cola bottle plaese

  • Eldrick

    Please share a coke with Eldrick, as in Eldrick “Tiger” Woods.

  • Morgan

    I think you should put Tucker on a coke bottle. It’s a very cute name! Lemoore, ca

  • matt

    Would you please make one with matt and Tasha plz and how do I pay for it can I special order it

  • Linda

    Please make a name for Linda, Larry, Brenda and Heydie. I went through three (3) boxes at Walmart this weekend surprisingly did not see the name Larry or Linda

  • Ginny

    can u please put my name on a bottle it is Ginny



  • I wanted my name on a can for my Birthday Gift Mayme

  • rams

    Can we please have the following names for my friends:
    I would be very grateful

  • plz mere name ke botll do


    Paloma in Corpus Christi, Texas would be great!

  • mumtahina ijaz

    can u make me name princess and mumtahina plxx 🙂 i want only 2 bottles 🙂

  • Margaret Harold

    I never see my name, Margaret on anything…please have a can with Margaret

  • Shobi

    I never see my name, Shobi
    on anything…please have a can with Margaret

  • misty miller

    i do not see my name or my kids name

  • Williams Jones Angela

    y can’t we get them in the United States

  • Raechel Lynn Ours

    I want my name on a can or bottle cause it is uniquely spelled RAECHEL

  • Dyna Packard

    Try finding Dyna On anything.

  • Ynshera Nicol

    I Want My Name Ayen And Jamjam

  • Edgar Acevedo

    Please make one with emmy ..