Coca Cola Names Bottles and Cans

Coca-Cola is putting people’s names on its bottles and cans in Australia as part of its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in the run-up to Christmas. 150 popular names, from Aarav to Zoe, have been printed on bottles and cans to be sold at retail outlets. Shoppers can get their names printed on a can of Coke for free at one of 18 Westfield Shopping Centres over October and November. Mobile phone users are able to use an SMS to get their names projected on Coca Cola billboards at locations such as Kings Cross, Sydney. Each of the 150 preselected names has an individually composed song available on the Coke Facebook page The campaign includes three television commercials featuring the names of Matt, Luke and Kate.

Share A Coke With Adrian

“We are using the power of the first name in a playful and social way to remind people of those in their lives they may have lost touch with or have yet to connect with,” said Lucie Austin, marketing director, Coca-cola South Pacific. “We’ve put names on Coca-Cola bottles so consumers will have fun finding their friends’ and family members’ names and then enjoy sharing a Coke together.”


The Coca Cola Name campaign was developed at Ogilvy Sydney and Naked Communications, with digital/social media handled by Wunderman, media handled by IKON. Point of sale work was done at Fuel. Activations were handled by Urban. Promotions were by Momentum. PR was by One Green Bean.

  • Steve

    This campaign is going to be very successful.

  • Julian Clay

    Well done Ogilvy, Sydney!
    Chris Ford and the rest of the creatives behind it.

    • Steve

      Terrific campaign

  • chelsea

    do they have chelsea?

    • Emily

      yes they do have a Chelsea 😀

    • ChelC

      Chelsea is one of the most popular female names in the UK, US and Australia.

  • Damen

    Do they have Damen/Damien?

    • Damien

      Not that I’ve seen =[ and I work at Coles. It makes me sad =[

  • Jo

    Do they have Jo? 🙁

  • Maryluz Escandor

    Share a Coke with Maryluz
    Share a Coke with Barbra
    Share a Coke with Escandor

  • jo-anne

    i was wondering if u can order names on the bottles from somewhere? i can’t find my name but would love to get mine and my bestie’s nick name on one

    • jo

      at fountain gate till this saturday ( 5.11.11) coke are personaliseing small cans. good for a bit of fun, makes a good stocking filler.

      • jo

        AND ITS FREE!!

  • cheyenne

    do they have bottles with cheyene/chyzee
    on them

  • Lois Witherspoon

    WE in the LOIS CLUB group on Facebook want to know how our club can get personalized cans or bottles!

  • mollie

    can u guys plz make a ‘Mollie’ 🙂 thanks

  • Damien


  • omg yas shoold deffs gett one with booboo on it its my bff’s nickname 😉

  • natasha


  • Kristy

    What westfield shopping centres are doing this..

    • Check out the list of Westfield Centres and the times kiosks are open there under the “Create a Custom Can” tag on the site. They include Sydney, Bondi Junction, Chatswood, Hornsby, Miranda, Parramatta, Burwood, Penrith and Liverpool (Sydney), Woden (Canberra), Doncaster, Southland, Fountain Gate (Melbourne), Garden City, Carindale and Chermside (Brisbane), Marion (Adelaide) and Carousel (Perth).

  • allan casey

    do they have Allan and or Casey

    • maddison louise casey

      um not that ive seen but r u my dad

  • The 150 names listed on site, each with their own song, are:
    Aarav, Aaron, Adam, Adrian, Alana, Alex, Alice, Amanda, Amy, Andrea, Angela, Anna, Anthony, Ash, Belinda, Bella, Ben, Bianca, Brad, Brandon, Brendan, Brett, Brittany, Brooke, Caitlin, Callum, Cameron, Casey, Cass, Catherine, Chelsea, Chris, Christian, Claire, Corey, Courtney, Craig, Dan, Danielle, Dave, Dean, Dylan, Ebony, Edward, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Erin, Fadi, Fiona, George, Georgia, Giulia, Grace, Hayden, Hayley, Jacinta, Jack, Jacob, Jacqui, Jade, Jake, James, Jamie, Jarrod, Jasmine, Jason, Jayden, Jen, Jeremy, Jess, Jesse, Joel, John, Jonathan, Jordan, Joseph, Josh, Julia, Julian, Justin, Kate, Kath, Kelly, Kevin, Kim, Kristy, Kyle, Kylie, Lachlan, Laila, Laura, Lauren, Leigh, Liam, Lucas, Lucy, Luke, Maddison, Madleine, Marcus, Mark, Matt, Max, Megan, Mel, Michael, Michelle, Naomi, Natalie, Natasha, Nathan, Nick, Nicole, Olivia, Patrick, Peter, Rachael, Rachel, Rebecca, Renee, Rhiannon, Rhys, Richard, Rob, Ryan, Sam, Sarah, Scott, Sean, Shane, Shaun, Simon, Sophie, Stacey, Stephanie, Steve, Tara, Tayla, Tim, Tom, Travis, Trent, Tristan, Vanessa, Victoria, Wen, Will, Zach and Zoe.

  • mercedes

    ooooh.. do they have a mercedes ??????? xoxoxo

  • danni smith

    when does it finish at fountain gate?

  • Janine

    Do they have a Janine????

  • Mollie-Rose

    Please Make A ‘Mollie-Rose’ coke.
    Or a ‘Mollie’ And A ‘Rose’ 🙂 <3

  • Caitlin

    Do they have a coke bottle with Caitlin???

  • andy

    i have nearly searched every fridge possible and i havent seen one Andy or Andrew yet! 🙁 so sad right now,

    • Andy if you check the list of 150 names in the comments above you’ll see that they haven’t produced bottles with your name. Your only hope is to get to a Westfield pop up store and get your own personalised can.

  • Kelly

    Does anyone know where the next pop up store is going to be? Which westfield and when??? Thanks 🙂

  • Melinda

    do they have a Melinda? i really want one 🙂

  • sabrina

    I have to say- brilliant marketing. If i lived on the mainland i would go and get one made for each member of my family, sadly not one of us are on the list. There is a few i have seen that wasn’t on the list of names. There is ‘Nan’ lol can’t forget good old Nan 😉

  • Joe Fereti

    Do you have vao

  • Rex Marcroft

    can you put Chloe, or Harrison on a bottle

  • Rose

    Cannot believe there is no Rosemary, Rose or Rosie should be.

    My daughter would like a Nellie please

  • courtney

    i would love to have my name and arrone’s name one a bottle please

  • mary

    would love to find my families names mary ,andrew,trish ,josh,eric,ingrid are these names available ?

  • stelcy

    is Terry on the bottle? where can i find terry in perth?
    urgent!help pls

  • liana

    hey, just wondering can you please make a bottle that has Liana on it because i can never get anything with my name on it, it would mean to much to me if you could 🙂

  • janine

    thought would have had blake on them.definitely wont have mine or my daughters name.mine janine,daughter larine.should be able to get names done.if can .please let me know as we live in tassie.thanks.janine.

  • janine

    will pay to have done and posted to me.janine

  • Boyd

    can you please make a bottle with the name “Boyd” on it

  • Josie

    Could you please make a bottle with the name “Josie” on it


  • Sheena sutton

    I would really like to know if you have bottles with the name of Sheena Sutton

  • The 50 new names announced by Coca Cola Australia are:

    Abbi, Alison, Alysha, Andrew, Audrey, Bailey, Barry, Blake, Brayden, Bree, Brent, Cathy, Chloe, Cody, Connor, Damien, Darren, David, Denise, Donna, Eden, Ella, Ellie, Felicity, Gemma, Georgie, Gina, Heidi, Isaac, Jayne, Kara, Katie, Kayla, Maddy, Martin, Mia, Neil, Niamh, Nigel, Phil, Ray, Robyn, Shannon, Siohban, Summer, Suz, Tahnee, Tori, Tracy, Wolfgang.

  • michael

    do they have michael

  • kylie

    Hey can u put my kids names daughter: JYRDAN son CALEB n youngest daughter ALESHA. Thx heaps:) KYLIE

  • Mel

    Is there anyway still to get custome names made

  • Gerald

    Make my name on a bottle

  • Karen

    Any chance of including Karen & Tyler in the next round of names?

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    Can you please put shay on bottles

  • bec

    are bottles with names still able to be purchased, require a louise please for a friends wedding they have all the others in the bridal party

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    do they have baron

  • Koaine

    Can I please have a coke that says my name on it “Koaine”

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    Can I please a coke that says my name on it ”

  • Kayleigh

    Do they do a kayleigh? and Helen?

  • Megan

    Kodyleigh and Alisiyarose