Coca Cola Names Bottles and Cans

Coca-Cola is putting people’s names on its bottles and cans in Australia as part of its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in the run-up to Christmas. 150 popular names, from Aarav to Zoe, have been printed on bottles and cans to be sold at retail outlets. Shoppers can get their names printed on a can of Coke for free at one of 18 Westfield Shopping Centres over October and November. Mobile phone users are able to use an SMS to get their names projected on Coca Cola billboards at locations such as Kings Cross, Sydney. Each of the 150 preselected names has an individually composed song available on the Coke Facebook page The campaign includes three television commercials featuring the names of Matt, Luke and Kate.

Share A Coke With Adrian

“We are using the power of the first name in a playful and social way to remind people of those in their lives they may have lost touch with or have yet to connect with,” said Lucie Austin, marketing director, Coca-cola South Pacific. “We’ve put names on Coca-Cola bottles so consumers will have fun finding their friends’ and family members’ names and then enjoy sharing a Coke together.”


The Coca Cola Name campaign was developed at Ogilvy Sydney and Naked Communications, with digital/social media handled by Wunderman, media handled by IKON. Point of sale work was done at Fuel. Activations were handled by Urban. Promotions were by Momentum. PR was by One Green Bean.

  • Sibani Polce

    Do you think that you could make a custom order with the name Sibani for a birthday party?

  • Sibani Polce

    I would need at 50

  • Emma

    could you make one with Emma and send it to usa

  • maisie

    please can you please put my name on a bottle of cokacola maisie

  • Angie Shannon-Shackelford

    Why can’t I find William or Bill or Billy and also Angela or Angie in the United States ? I’ve drank coca-cola all my life !!

  • Joyce Mccathern

    I would like to have a Joyce sent to the USA BC that is an uncommon name and Dorothy for my mother who has moved on to heaven. Thank you

  • prem patel

    Is premoon there

  • Billie

    Can you make some bottles with the name Billie or Billie Jo?