Coca Cola Music Walls

Coca-Cola is running “Coca-Cola Music”, a global integrated program aimed at teenagers, the latest instalment in the Open Happiness advertising campaign. Emerging UK band One Night Only has written and recorded “Can You Feel It”, the soundtrack to “Walls”, a new global Coca-Cola television commercial featuring teenagers of different nationalities. The ad brings to life the sacred teenage ritual of grabbing a Coke, cranking up the stereo and enjoying a moment of release through music at the end of their day. Though they might feel like they are on their own, the teen ritual is one that takes place in homes across the world.

Coca Cola Walls commercial

Click on the image below to play the Coca Cola Music Walls video.

An interactive music video for “Can you Feel It”, shot on the same set, is being rolled out on Coca-Cola music sites around the world. Teens will be able to see themselves in the video with the band by filming and uploading their own footage, which can then be shared with friends through their social networks. The site feature requires IE8, IE7, Firefox 3, or Chrome, along with Flash 10.2, for the mashup to work properly.

“Walls” was shot five times with a locally relevant protagonist in each version (Europe/North America, India, Latin America, Africa, and Asia). The set was hand built and measured about the size of a football field. It was made up of around 20 bedrooms, each styled to be completely individual and reflective of teenager╩╝s bedrooms across the globe. An infinity set with Green Screens was created to allow creation of 3D model rooms beyond those physically built on set. Shoots took place on multiple sets at the same time. From the hero bedroom, to the kitchen, to the expansive joined up bedroom set. Three large rooms were needed just to contain the teenagers╩╝ wardrobes, which included items from the Coca-Cola fashion label in Brazil.

Coca Cola Music Walls Credits

The Walls program was developed at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam by creative directors Eric Quennoy and Mark Bernath, copywriter Sean Vij and art director Matthew Jerrett.

Filming was shot by director Christopher Riggert via Biscuit Filmworks with director of photography Jan Velicky, producer Laure Stevens, executive producers Holly Vega, Shawn Lacy and Elissa Singstock.

Post production was done at The Mill Los Angeles. Editors were Russell Icke and Charlie Harvey via The Whitehouse Post.