Coca Cola Celebrates 125 Years

On May 8th (the Founders Day), The Coca-Cola Company marked the date that Coca-Cola was first sold in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. The company is mark its 125th year in through a series of events and celebrations at both headquarters in Atlanta and over 200 countries where it operates. Coca Cola’s celebration in Europe includes a retrospective TV ad, outdoor ads, an online Retro Poster Maker and iconic graphics on-pack. Each element of the campaign will be influenced by the brand’s rich and iconic heritage over the decades, as well as bringing to life its enduring appeal and celebrating 125 years of bringing happiness in a bottle to consumers.

Coca Cola 125 Years

The TV ad features a montage of iconic Coca-Cola ads and imagery from the past 125 years alongside the track ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing’ from Coke’s famous “hilltop” campaign.

Coca Cola packs carry 125th heritage artwork and contain eight free branded fridge magnets.

Coca Cola Fridge Magnets

A limited edition glass bottle range will also go on sale at Selfridges, including a remake of the original Hutchinsons bottle.

Coca Cola Collectors Pack

Coca Cola Vintage Design 125 Years

Captivating outdoor advertising will continue to spread happiness throughout the UK with four creative executions highlighting the 125th anniversary heritage artwork across 96, 48, 12 and 6 sheets as well as digital sites.

Coca Cola 125 Years Bus

Coca Cola 125 Years Billboard

Images via Darren Hall and Ell Brown on Flickr.

Five 3D giant glass bottle replicas, fitted with bubble machines, are on display at consumer sites across the UK.

A “Retro Poster Maker” has been designed for Coke Zone, its online loyalty site, which allows visitors to make their own Coca-Cola poster using its advertising archive. The winning design will be displayed on the Piccadilly Sign.

Coca Cola Retro Poster Maker

Coca Cola Retro Poster Maker

Coca-Cola employees across Europe gave out free Coca-Cola to passers-by in London and other European cities on 9 May to mark the occasion.


The campaign was created by McCann Spain in collaboration with McCann Bulgaria and McCann Italy, by chief creative officer Leandro Raposo, executive creative directors Mónica Moro and Pablo Colonnese, creative directors Leandro Raposo and Raquel Martínez, account executive Myriam De La Concha, account manager Marta Carreras.

All media buying was handled by Vizeum.

Filming was produced at Rebolucion, Buenos Aires, by director Armando Bo
with production by Los Producers. Music was produced at Ask Musica, Madrid.

Packaging design was by Bulletproof in collaboration with North West Europe & Nordics (NWEN).