Club Colombia Quest for Lost Pride

Club Colombia, along with Fundación Bavaria, is running an advertising campaign, Orgullo Perdido, focusing on Colombian hand craft techniques in danger of being lost. The goal is to transform ten cultural expressions into self-sustained businesses that will generate work and quality of life in their regions. JWT Bogota gathered a group of anthropologists, designers and business leaders to travel throughout Colombia to identify the oldest Colombian handmade techniques, currently in danger of extinction. Over 52 were found. Ten were chosen, taking into account factors such as handmade mastery, economic viability and positive impact on their community. Today, these 10 techniques are documented in where people will get to know them and choose the three that better represent Colombia’s National Pride, to give them a chance and not let them die in oblivion. Ten documentary films tell the stories. Club Colombia has also commissioned a special edition of cans designed to showcase some of the handmade techniques.

Club Colombia Orgullo Perdido

Club Colombia Videos
Club Colombia Cans

Filigrana del pacífico: jewellery technique made with gold.
Molas: sewing technique from the Tule Indian community.
Caña flecha: sewing technique from the ZENÚ indian community.

Click on the image below to play the Lost Pride video.

Lost Pride Credits

The Lost Pride campaign was developed at JWT Colombia by creative VP Rodrigo Torres, creative director/art director/copywriter Luis Miguel Pirateque, art director/copywriter/graphic designer Diego Almanza, copywriters Germán Camelo, Jaime Rubio and Julian Santiago, account team Lorena Nuñez and Antonio Abello.

Digital design was produced at JWT Colombia by Patrick Sewards, Felipe Lopez, María Mantilla, Jorge Caballero and Andrés Sepulveda, with illustrators Diego Almanza and Carlos Rodríguez.

Filming was shot by director Felipe Aguilar via Bogota D.C. Post production was by Camilo Ganado.

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