Clive Owen for Burger King Spain

British actor Clive Owen appears in a rebranding campaign for Burger King Spain launched this month. Owen walks through the centre of Madrid, reconnecting viewers with the primary focus of the brand, the grilled flavour. The Clive Owen Burger King commercial, shows the actor leaving his hotel room, walking through the city and onto a studio lot, talking about the brand’s attempts to design an authentic advertising campaign. He’s served a burger on a platter, and narrowly avoids being crushed by a giant burger. But the punchline of the Clive Own Burger King ad shifts realities to bring the message home to Spanish audiences.

Clive Owen Burger King ad

Click on the images below to play the Clive Owen Burger King video, and Making-of Video.

Clive Owen Burger King Credits

The Clive Owen campaign was developed at La Despensa, Madrid, by executive creative directors Miguel Olivares and Javier Carrasco, creative directors Luis Monroy and Belén Coca, art director Antonio Castillo, agency producer Luis Cristóbal, account director Alfredo González.

Filming was shot by director Hugo Menduiña via Agosto with director of photography Paco Femenia, and executive producer Inés Segura.

Editor was Lolo Ortega.