Citroën Dominoes on the road

Citroën is promoting the new Citroen C5 Tourer’s hydractive suspension in “Dominoes”, a television commercial produced by Psyop. The spot, rich with CGI effects, presents a car travelling through an elegant and poetic world made up of dominoes for Citroën. Each domino is a little world all on its own, a little microcosm with its own weather and topology, each linked to the next by the road and Citroën traveling upon it. You never know what will happen in the road.

Citroen Dominoes advertisement

Click on the image below to play the 40 second Dominoes video.

Citroën Dominoes Credits

The Dominoes ad was developed at Agence H, Paris, by executive creative director Gilbert Scher, creative directors Marco Venturelli, Luca Cinquepalmi, executive producer Christopher Thierry and producer Eric Britton.

Filming/visual effects and animation were produced at Psyop via Quad, Paris, by creative director Laurent Ledru, live action producers Martin Coulais, François Lamotte, director of photography Alex Lamarque and executive producer Kim Wildenburg, digital producer Blythe Dalton, associate producer Minh Ly, VFX supervisor Chris Sage, designers Paul Cayrol, Georgia Tribuiani, Kenesha Sneed, storyboard artists Joshua Wiesenfeld, Philippe Collange, Charles Ratteray, editor Brett Nicoletti, matte painters Brendon Kachel, Andrew Park, Matt Conway, Eric Mattson, lead Flame artist Alex Kolasinski, Flame artists Jodi Tyne, John Shirley, David Parker, lead desktop compositor Lori Miller, compositors Lane Jolly, Ryan Raith, previzualisation artist Gregg Lukomski (Halon), 3D lead Chris Sage, modelers Wendy Klein, Julian Fitzgerald, Freddy Oropreza, Andrew Romatz, rigger Sean Kealey, animators Freddy Oropeza, Greg Gangemi, Matt Connoly, Yvain Gnabro, Yuchiro Yamashita, lighter Greg Gangemi, rotoscape artists Krystal Chinn, Stephen Hollbrook, trackers Mark Lipsmeyer, particles team John Sparks, Brian Alvarez and Wayne Hollingsworth.

Editorial work was done at Wizz, Paris.