Chupa Chups Scream Stopper

With the scariest night of the year lurking around the corner, BBH Asia Pacific and Chupa Chups mascot, Chuck, have got a surprise for you. Introducing Scream Stopper! Designed by Chuck Worldwide Industries, the device uses Chupa Chups lollipop technology to block embarrassing shrieks of terror at their source. Boogey men of all kinds are no match for Scream Stopper. Simply stick it into your mouth for instant protection from humiliating high-pitched squeals, shrieks and wails. If Chuck ever spoke, he might say something like “Scream Stopper takes the “ee” out of Halloween.”

Chupa Chups Scream Stopper

Leading up to Halloween this week, The Scream Stopper trailer is airing across Singapore cinemas – Golden Village( Horrorthon), Cathay (House of Horrors) and Sinema Old School (ScreemFest) – while over 7000 Scream Stoppers will be handed out in cinemas and night spots across Singapore this week. Click on the image below to play the infomercial video.

Douglas Hamilton, Deputy Creative Director, BBH AP says of the campaign: “Forget chainsaw wielding cannibals, demonic orphans or mutant clowns, the scariest thing on Halloween is letting out an embarrassing high-pitched squeal of terror in front of your mates. With Scream Stopper we’re happy to have found a solution to a truly horrific problem.”

“Do horror movies make you screech like a dial up modem? Do surprise parties leave you shrieking like a baby on a plane Dear no more? Scream Stopper is 100% guaranteed to block humiliating vocal emissions at their source, for complete peace of mind. Grizzly bear worries? Spontaneous combustion? No sweat! Evil mutant clowns? Scream stopper’s got you covered! Ergonomic ezy-grip handle. 100% Halloween tested. Tastes just like candy.”

The trailer is also running on the Chupa Chups facebook page,

Chuck Worldwide Facebook Page Halloween

Scream Stopper Credits

The Scream Stopper campaign was developed at BBH, Singapore, by regional executive creative director Steve Elrick, deputy creative directors Adrian Chan and Douglas Hamilton, engagement planner Lindsey Cummings, strategic planner Alexis deMontaigu, print producer Brell Chen, illustrator Kristal Melson, broadcast producers Daphne Ng and Felicia Tan, account manager David Webster and Joanna Yeo.

Post Production was done at The Mill. Print production was by Peter Chee.