Chip Shop Awards 2011

Naomi Campbell was annoyed at being featured in a recent Cadbury ad. However, she may even me more disappointed to be included in another piece of work designed to encourage women to deal with hormonal imbalances. The ad was entered in the annual Chip Shop Awards; an advertising industry event famed for having no rules. The work needs not to have run, the agency need not represent the actual clients, and the work need not comply with any of the standard industry regulations. But what it needs to be is great and off the wall. According to thousands who voted in the Chip Shop Awards Public Vote at the ad featuring Naomi (and many other women) fitted the criteria.

Evening Primrose Oil Hormonal Imbalance

As well as the supermodel the ad, drawn up by two women, features a host of unsmiling female celebrities, politicians and even criminals who are no strangers to the headlines. You’ll find Amy Winehouse, Sarah Palin, and Myra Hindley. And the woman who put the cat in the wheelie bin. The ad’s last frame shows a bottle of natural medicine with the line ‘Reduce Monthly Hormonal Imbalances.’ Despite its popularity with the public, the judges didn’t like the ad as much. They thought it, even in the context of the Chip Shop Awards, was over the top.

The main awards were judged by a jury including some of the UK’s top creative names and headed by Alfredo Marcantonio, the man who took part in the founding of agencies such as Lowe Howard-Spink and is one time chairman of AMVBBDO.

Some of the work – which was entered into categories that include Best Use of Bad Taste, Best Use of Plagiarism and Most Politically Incorrect – was controversial.

Charlie Sheen for example is lampooned in an ad for a well know furniture polish. Showing a glass coffee table it reads: Good bye Charlie, hello Mr Sheen.

Goodbye Charlie Sheen

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church may be unhappy with an ad which shows a Priest walking along the street, followed by a number of young children. The brand advertised Lynx.

Lynx Effect Father Dear Father

But the event, organised by industry website and magazine The Drum, is not all about cynical jibes. The top winner of the night was a reversible shopping bag. One side was branded Topshop. The other, Oxfam.

Top Shop Oxfam Bag

The event attracted more than 800 entries from the US, Australia, Asia, and Europe as well as the UK. Said Marcantonio, “The Chip Shop Awards are about execution of an idea in its purest form. We are currently in a climate where there are very few brave clients around. There is not much money around either so it is necessary to have a scheme like this where neither of these play a part.”

Gordon Young, editor of The Drum, who founded the Awards, added: “The event also serves to give young companies and creatives a chance to show what they are capable of, even if they do not currently handle the sort of accounts which lend themselves to award winning work. But we should point out the Chip Shop Award entries do not reflect the views, policies or strategies of any organisation or brand, living or dead. In fact the ads have mostly been created without the knowledge of those the work purports to either promote or parody.”

The results were announced in London last night in front of a crowd of 300 leading advertising and design creatives. Each category had the capacity to award CHIPS, VINEGARS as well as recognise nominations. We’ve listed the CHIPs here…

The Big Chip (Grand Prix)

Company: Stacey & Sareka @ Chemistry

Brand: Topshop / Oxfam

Title: A bag for lives.

Credited Individuals: Sareka Barwood and Stacey Buxton

Chairman’s Award

Company: JDA

Brand: Twitter

Title: Tweets from the revolution

Credited Individuals: Mohammed Adrees and Jawad Ali

Tweets from the Revolution

People’s Choice Award

Best packaging design / point of sale 

Company: Fresh

Brand: innocent

Title: little tasty baby foods

Credited Individuals: Hayley Leaf, Rick Matthews and Dave Matthews

Little Tasty Baby Foods Innocent Bibs

Best Use of Plagiarism

Company: Coolpink

Brand: M&S

Title: “It’s not just a disability it’s MS”
Credited Individuals: Benn Raistrick

Your MS

Best Use of Shocking Copy

Company: Golley Slater

Brand: Court House Clinic

Title: C***s

Credited Individuals: Mark Meehan


Best Politically Incorrect

Company: School of Communication Arts

Brand: Fabreze

Title: Pray

Credited Individuals: Nathan Holley

Your MS

Best Use of Bad Taste

Company: Rockfield Media

Brand: LYNX

Title: father dear father

Credited Individuals: Richard Shawcross and Stephen Billington

Company: Table19

Brand: Canon

Title: Image Stablilisation

Credited Individuals: Stephen Buss, Damian Kirby and Joe Turton.

Canon Michael J Fox

Best Remake of an Existing Advert

Company: Elvis

Brand: Ikea

Title: Ikea K

Credited Individuals: Danny Latham-Symes and Daniel Noller

Click on the image below to play the Ikea K video.

Best Advert Applied to a Mobile Medium

Company: Saatchi & Saatchi X

Brand: Samaritans

Title: Tube

Credited Individuals: Matt Chandler and Holly Whittaker

Samaritans Tube

Best Outdoor Advert

Company: Andy Fenton (Freelance)

Brand: Virgin

Title: Get High

Credited Individuals: Andy Fenton and Jason Chadwick

Virgin Atlantic Get High

Best Ambient Media

Company: Stacey & Sareka at Chemistry

Brand: Topshop / Oxfam

Title: A bag for lives.

Credited Individuals: Sareka Barwood and Stacey Buxton

Best Use of a Shop Window Postcard Space

Company: Saatchi & Saatchi X

Brand: Chico the Dealer

Title: “Chico”

Credited Individuals: Matt Chandler and Holly Whittaker

Your MS

Company: archibald ingall stretton…

Brand: The North Face

Title: Made for the outdoors

Credited Individuals: Laila Milborrow and Paul Pearson

North Face Made for the Outdoors

Best Consumer Ad or Campaign

Company: Marketecture

Brand: Mr Sheen

Title: Goodbye Charlie

Credited Individuals: Jon Hallowell

Best Press Advert


Brand: Lacoste

Title: Opening soon

Credited Individuals: Andy Wyeth and Katrin Wyeth

Lacoste Opening Soon

Best Charity Advert

Company: St Lukes

Brand: RNIB

Title: I’d Miss…

Credited Individuals: David Wigglesworth and Ed Redgrave

Click on the image below to play the I’d Miss… video.

Best Viral

Company: Pool Worldwide

Brand: TomTom

Title: Yoda recording for TomTom GPS

Credited Individuals: Willem Gerritsen, Michel de Goede, Pool Worldwide and Brian Ent

Click on the image below to play the Yoda TomTom video.

Best Corporate Identity

Company: Quietroom

Brand: Santa

Title: Santa Brand Book

Credited Individuals: Simon Grover and Tommy and Bob

Santa Concept

Best Self Promotion

Company: mistercastro

Brand: mistercastro

Title: The Saatchi Experiment

Credited Individuals: Dan Castro

Click on the image below to play the Saatchi Experiment

Best Use of Regional Dialect

Company: ADZ Media Ltd

Brand: AA

Title: Liverpool AA

Credited Individuals: Steven Lownes

Liverpool AA Calm Down

Invent Your Own category

Category: Best Radio Ad In An Advertising Awards Competition That Left Out Radio, And Who Can Blame Them Seeing As Radio Ad Breaks These Days Consist Of Car Deal Legals, Local Carpet Shops And That F**KING Opera Singer

Company: Golley Slater


Title: Keys Says Sorry

Credited Individuals: Joe Ivory and Stuart Robertson

Click on the image below to play the Keys Says Sorry radio ad.

Category: Toilet paper AD

Company: Korea National Open University

Brand: WWF

Title: Please, Save the dying Animal

Credited Individuals: IKhwan Choi and Eunjin Kwon

WWF Polar Bear Toilet Paper

Category: Best Steal from Chip Shop Awards 2010

Company: archibald ingall stretton…

Brand: Chip Shop Awards

Title: Best Steal from Chip Shop Awards 2010

Credited Individuals: Laila Milborrow and Paul Pearson

Best Steal from Chip Shop Awards 2010

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