Children’s choir starts bullying in a shopping mall

De Opvoedingslijn is a Flemish advice hotline for parents with out of control kids. The phone helpline was promoted in shopping centres in 2010 with a humorous series of intercom announcements concerning Little Robin. This Christmas a children’s choir appeared in a shopping centre singing Christmas carols with lyrics designed to shock. Silent Night turns into a drug-fueled night of anti-social behaviour. Jingle Bells becomes nasty, picking on red heads with threats of violence.

Children's Choir Bullying

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The choir and lyrics are licensed by De Opvoedingslijn. All other characters are accidental spectators that are not linked to De Opvoedingslijn nor the campaign organisation.

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The two ambient projects were developed at Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, by executive creative directors Geoffrey Hantson and Katrien Bottez, art director Koenraad Lefever, copywriter Dries De Wilde, account manager Tuyen Pham Xuan, client service director Karel Vinck. planner Maarten Van Herck.

Filming was shot by director Pieter Deyaert with producer Brigitte Baudine and editor Jan-Frederik De Greve.