Change for a Dollar

“Change for a Dollar”, a short film directed by Sharon Wright, is picking up awards and inspiring a “pay it forward” ethos among viewers. An uncouth man sits on the pavement looking for loose change. What kind of change is he looking for? Follow a man as he affects multiple peoples’ lives with just one dollar, proving that it doesn’t take much to be the change in someone’s life.

Change for a Dollar

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Change for a Dollar was written and directed by Sharon Wright, with director of photography/editor Kendal Sinn, and composer Christopher Komsthoeft.

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Change for a Dollar won Best Short Film at Maryville Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at Gateway Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at Moonlight Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Female Filmmaker Award – Action On Film Intl Film Festival, Sirrocco Award at Action On Film Intl Film Festival, and Best Silent Film at BareBones Intl Film Festival.

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Change for a Dollar poster

  • Sharon Wright

    Thank you SO much for sharing my film on your site! I am so blessed and amazed that people have been so moved by it! Thank you again!

    Sharon Wright
    Change For A Dollar

    • Ashley Crookes

      Hi Sharon! Wonderful work, could you please tell me if the soundtrack is available to download somewhere? I thought it was excellent!

      Ashley from South Africa

  • joan wolf

    Sharon and team, Your film touched me so deeply that I sent it to all in my large extended family as my Christmas card to them. Congratulations on winning the many awards; you deserve them! Keep us the excellent work!

  • Sharon Wright,

    Some one sent my this video this morning 12/26/2011

    It is Great, Inspiring and Touching….
    I included it on my site ( … Let me know if it is ok, I respect people’s comments and requests.

    I just started this site with a Mission Statement to unite People, business, and Inspired people, all who make a difference (everybody does). I have about 10 different interlinking sites coming. Let me know if I can help you in any way….

    From the smiles in my heart,
    I Thank you

    TIm Britt

  • john

    thank you for this film. a friend of mine sent it to me and i now have it on my desktop. i also sent it to all my family and friends. it is very touching and it brought tears to my eyes. i am a 66yo man. this country and the world needs much more of this kind of film. i hope to see more of your work.

  • Ruth McQuinn

    Powerful! Thank you.

  • sally

    I cried and yet it was so heartfelt.