Centrepoint Luminites Streets of London

UK homeless charity Centrepoint has signed up YouTube singing sensations Luminites to front its Christmas campaign with a cover of Ralph McTell’s track “Streets of London”. The music video, designed to raise awareness of homeless youth, features Ella, a homeless teenager, along with members of the band. The music video coincided with a print advertising campaign, a celebrity sleep out in Exchange Square, Broadgate, Facebook appeals, and an advent calendar online at guardian.co.uk/centrepoint.

CentrePoint Charity Music Video

Click on the image below to play the Streets of London video in YouTube

At the coldest time of year, we desperately need your help. Every minute we waste between now and Christmas makes it more likely that homeless young people will yet again have to spend the festive season on the freezing streets. Ella is typical of the young people we’re trying to reach before Christmas. Thrown out of her home by an abusive mother, she faces another terrifying winter simply trying to survive. Click on the image below to play Ella’s story in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Sleepout video in YouTube

CentrePoint Charity Advent Calendar

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  • shannon nicholls

    these people are such inspiring and amazing people, I’ve met them and hear them and there just brilliant, they have soo much talent and genually have amazing personalities, I fell in love with them from the start, I’m supporting them all the way and can officialy say the number 1 fan, there trying to do so much to help homeless people, actually amazing people