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Cascos Verdes, the Green Helmets, is a non-profit organisation in Argentina dedicated to raising environmental awareness through the implmentation of social networks. For Earth Day (April 22) Cascos Verdes has launched “Embrace Our World”, (Abracemos Nuetro Mundo) a Facebook application. “Our planet deserves a hug… Don’t you think?” Hugging is easy. Upload a picture of your hug using the Facebook App, and join a virtual group hug. Be aware that using a webcam to record your hug will require some team work. Getting the right distance from the camera will makes users too far to press the “Take the Photo” button by themselves.

Embrace Our World Facebook app


The Embrace Our World application and promotion were produced at Woonky, Buenos Aires, by creative director/CEO Marcelo D’Abramo, creative director Tomás Wells, copywriter Agustina Benitez Araujo, art director Siro Rodriguez, graphic designer Gastón Quevedo, community manager Alberto Elías, account executives Ainhoa Rigabert and Victoria Paterlini, development manager Pablo Oliver.

Embrace Our World Facebook app

Embrace Our World Facebook app

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