Carlsberg Unbottled Courage

Carlsberg Sweden is on a mission to unbottle the courage that brews in all of us. Not just any courage but the kind you need in social situations. The people of Sweden are generally cautious and reserved. Working with Akestam Holst the beer company created a competition and social app for iPhone and Android to find and reward Sweden’s most courageous. The Unbottle Yourself app contains over 500 missions, each representing a social challenge. Many missions require you to use smart phone features and social media to succeed. The competition for a party weekend in Hong Kong starts April 5 and will run until April 17, 2011, after which app owners will be able to continue to use the app and challenge their friends in a fun social game.

Carlsberg Unbottle Yourself app

The Unbottled campaign includes a series of “how to” videos hosted on the Unbottled YouTube channel.

Click on the image below to play the Unbottle Yourself trailer in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Mission #21 video.

Unbottled Courage Credits

The Unbottled Courage campaign was developed at Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, by creative director Martin Cedergren, art director Björn Gustafsson, copywriter Patrick Dry, creatives Alex Picha, Ida Tenggren, Jerker Winther and Sara Clewemar.

Production was by B-Reel and Monterosa.