Carlsberg Cinema Bikers

Carlsberg recently ran a stunt in Belgium involving 148 bikers in a movie theatre. Innocent couples, walking into the cinema to take their two seats, discover the theatre filled with what seem to be unfriendly and maybe even dangerous men. How will they react? Those who persevere are rewarded…

Carlsberg Cinema Bikers

Click on the image below to play the Carlsberg cinema video.

Carlsberg Cinema Bikers Credits

The Cinema Bikers campaign was developed at Duval Guillaume Modem by creative director Geoffrey Hantson, art director Koenraad Lefever, copywriter Dries De Wilde, account team Jonathan Moerkens and Elke Janssens, working with Carlsberg marketing team Igor Nowé and Bart Creemers.

Filming was shot by director Cecilia Verheyden via Monodot with director of photography Pieter van Alphen, executive producer Tatiana Pierre and production manager Charlotte Cotman. Post production was done at Condor Post. Sound was designed at Sonicville.