Capital One Visigoths Follow March Madness

Capital One, a financial services company based in McLean, Virginia, is taking it beyond the arena in a new web series featuring the Visigoths, visitors from the third century. The campaign is designed to connect with March Madness, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division One Collegiate Mens Basketball Championships. The campaign includes 18 videos (features and interviews) have been launched online at (Postscript: it appears as though Capital One has removed (made private) the Visigoths series from its YouTube channel.)

Visigoths Red Ferguson

Visigoth commentator Garth takes a step back from the tournament to take a closer look at the life of one special mascot. Live Big Red’s heart-wrenching saga, of foes bested and obstacles overcome, as he journeys toward his destiny to become Western Kentucky University’s official HillTopper Mascot! Visigoth Sports Network Anchor Garth interviews Tom Izzo, head coach for the Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball team. Watch as Coach Izzo coaches Garth on the finer points of axe fighting and style.


The Big Red story was developed at DDB Chicago by general creative director Jim Larmon, creative director Mike Piro, art directors Devin Grimes and Trevor Kuhn, senior copywriter Andrew Holton, and executive producer Maureen Lynch.

The Sports Center spots were produced at Lucky The Chimp by director JJ Adler, executive producer Claudina Del Guidice, producer Matt Morrison.

Coach Interviews were produced at Cap Gun Collective, Chicago, by director Alex Fendrich and executive producer Matt Abramson.

Editing and final post production was done at The Whitehouse Post, Chicago, by editors Brian Gannon, Meg Kubicka, Glorily Velez, assistant editors Kenan Legg, James Dierx, graphic designer Dan Zabinski, executive producer Carrie Holecek and producer Laurie Adrianopoli. Final graphics compositing was done at The Filmworkers Club.