Capital One Mascot Challenge

Capital One sponsorship of College Football includes an annual “Mascot of the Year” contest. Fans are invited to vote for their favorite college mascot. Each year, several mascots from various Division I FBS/FCS schools are nominated to “play” a simulated 10-week season. The mascot with the best record will be declared the winner and is honored at halftime on the game telecast on ESPN. The winning school is awarded $20,000 towards their mascot program. This year the online competition, on and Facebook, features sixteen short films outlining the challenges of College mascots. 16 Mascots, 1 Winner. The epic tales of courage, honor and fur come to life.

Capital One Mascot Challenge

An emotional journey down memory lane shows Aubie’s softer side. Follow Wolfie on a spiritual journey as he goes from mascot tragedy to triumph. History wasn’t always kind to Benny’s kind. But what didn’t kill him made him stronger. All great warriors must first overcome a great obstacle. Sparty’s was Moussaka. Big Blue has learned from the highs and lows of being the Capital One National Mascot of the Year, and he’s ready to repeat. Behind every great Wildcat, there’s a great female cat. Wilbur. After a long season of TDs and Ws, all Big Red wants to do is fall in love. When you’re a 6 foot tall turtle, life in the pond isn’t easy. But ask Testudo and he’ll say that it prepared him for greatness. Where did the Superfrog come from? Sorry, that’s classified. When you lead your team to 7 national championships, celebrity finds you. Buzz is not your average yellow jacket. But what made him different also made him great. Some birds are born to fly. Others to hunt. Iowa State’s Cy was born to dance. Hairy Dawg’s intimidating scowl wasn’t always an asset. Just don’t tell that to the Bulldog faithful on Saturdays. Who is Mike the Tiger? This conspiracy theory might just shock you. To migrate or celebrate? That is the dilemma the Oregon Duck faces every year. But which family will he choose? In the world of an oversized nut, it’s either get cracked or get cracking.

Mascot Challenge Credits

The Mascot Challenge was developed at VMG Creative by executive creative director Luke Raymond, partner Dhani Jones, creative director Kyle Heller and copywriter Josh Rubin.

Filming was shot by director Clay Weiner via Mammals with producer Alex Sivers and director of photography Pawel Pogorzelski.

Post production was done at Now, New York, by lead editors Jesse Reisner, Nelson Leonard, Owen Plotkin, additional editors David Bruce Bates Jr, Danny Ellen, Beth Cramer, assistant editors Dave Madden, Chris Rizzo.

Sound was produced at Sonic Union by mixer Steve Rosen. Music was produced at Extreme Music.