Canal Plus Bear

Canal+ has released “Bear”, a commercial demonstrating the subscriber television channel’s commitment to cinema. Paul Bearman, inspired by living room movies, gets involved in directing films. The more you watch Canal+ the more you love cinema.

Canal Plus Bear

Click on the image below to play the Bear video.

Canal+ has always been committed to cinema. It is more than a mere broadcaster. It always sought to go the extra mile for its subscribers and portray the film industry as no one else has done: emphasizing the diversity of the genres, deciphering current and future trends, empowering actors and directors, and in general, transmitting the passion of all those who work in the film industry to its subscribers. Thanks to its varied and cutting-edge programming from blockbusters to art films. Thanks to the unique, quality insight that it provides into what goes on in front and behind the camera. Thanks to the unique ties that it maintains with the film industry (Studio CANAL, partnerships, financing, Cannes Festival, the César awards, etc.)


The Bear ad was developed at BETC Paris by exective team Raphaël de Andréis, Alexandre George, Guillaume Espinet, Sébastien Jauffret, global creative director Stéphane Xiberras, art director Eric Astorgue, assistant art director Julien Schmitt, copywriter Jean-Christophe Royer, strategic planner Clarisse Lacarau, traffic director Loren Hecker, agency producers Isabelle Ménard and David Green, working with Canal+ marketing team Maxime Saada, Samantha Etienne, Béatrice Roux, Mathieu Mazuel, Périne Long.

Filming was shot by director Matthijs van Heijningen via Soixante Quinze, Paris, with director of photography Joost van Gelder. Local production was provided at Unit + Sofa, Prague.

Special effects were produced at Mikros Image. Sound was produced at Gum. Music was by Éric Cervera (Near Deaf Experience).