Canadian Tire Christmas Spirit Tree

Canadian Tire is powering the lights on a Christmas Tree in Union St railway station in Toronto, with the Christmas spirit expressed in Canadian social media. Every time a Christmas message, tweet, blog post, news story, or forum post is shared online, it illuminates the tree. As Canada’s Christmas spirit grows stronger and stronger, the Christmas Spirit Tree shines brighter and brighter. The campaign, online at, includes a live stream of the tree.

Canadian Tire Christmas Tree live

Canadian Tire Christmas Tree site

Click on the image below to play the Canadian Tire Christmas Tree video.

Click on the image below to play the Making Of video.

Canadian Tire Christmas Tree

Canadian Tire Christmas Tree - How It Works

Canadian Tire Christmas Tree

Canadian Tire Christmas Tree


The Christmas Spirit Tree campaign was developed at Tribal DDB Toronto by creative director LP Tremblay, associate creative director/art director Mara Binudin, associate creative director/copywriter Ryan Lawrence, strategist Jason Chaney, agency producer Luc Quartarone, designer Roger Dario, technical director Joe Dee, agency managing director Andrew McCartney, director of production Catherine Kim, Tribal developer Paul Sham, Social media director Ed Lee, community cultivator Laura Muirhead, account director Kaezad Nallaseth, working with Canadian Tire marketing team Rob Shields, Rosie Riolino-Serpa, Andrew Natale and Stephanie Abouatallah.

Other developers included Moment Factory, Igniter, Dana Brousseau and Rob Etmanski.

Media was managed at Mediacom by media lead Chris O’Hara.

Print and outdoor production was by IMA Outdoor.

The installation was produced by Cube Productions and Keystone Studios. Mobile credits are by Textopoly. PR was by Greg Vallentin. Systems were provided by Sysomos and Moderation.Pro.

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