Can You Out Dance Kylie?

Microsoft are promoting the Dance Central Xbox 360 Kinect with “Can you out Dance Kylie” featuring Kylie Minogue and Darren, an avid ‘Dance Central’ gamer. Darren does everything possible to emulate Kylie’s famous dances routines, wearing her revealing outfits, including her gold hot pants and white jumpsuit.

Darren and Kylie Minogue hotpants

Click on the image below to play the Out Dance Kylie video.

Can You Out Dance Kylie? Credits

The Kylie campaign was developed at McCann-Erickson, London, by copywriter Mike Oughton and Paul Cohen, designer Jeff Sherriff, agency producer Susie Stock.

Filming was shot by director Becky Martin via2AM Films with producer James Sorton, director of photography Jamie Cairney and production manager Briony Hoare.

Visual effects were produced at Golden Square, London, by VFX supervisor/Flame artist Jamie Russell and VFX producer Sharuddin Rosunally. Editor was Mark Burnett at Speade. Music and sound were produced at Wave Studios.